A Good Week – and (shock) 50 Weeks

I was SO excited to do this post. Why? Because we’ve had a REALLY good week. Well, meaning, this week’s photos were SO hilarious and SO very much Avery.

Our little sneaky makes these REALLY fantastic faces, but either my trigger finger on my camera isn’t fast enough, or she intentionally knows how to make the faces in-between the shots. But not this week. I got them, laughs, snorts, claps and all. And THIS is really what our baby girl is like…

So FULL of life, love, and ANTICS!

(Probably one of my favorite photos yet…)

It’s a silly, but true story that when Mark and I were dreaming about what Avery would be like, we had hoped so much that she’d be funny. I mean, no pressure, but she comes from two pretty awnry parents. Well, needless to say – we had NO reason to worry. She’s clearly funny – and even outshines us with her silliness. Maybe it’s us, but nothing seems to makes you smile and harder, than when your baby does something that’s just SO like you. She’s got a dangerous mix of the both of us, and to see it reflected back at us, well, hysterical and terrifying all in the same breath. We are surely in for a wild ride with this one…

This is he face we normally get when she’s ABOUT to get into something…

and then time is up…. and away she goes…

New this week: TWO more teeth – one to the left and right of her bottom teeth. This makes 8 teeth total – WOWIE! Hopefully, I won’t jinx us in saying this – but feedings are getting bearably easier. She seems to enjoy food more and actually understands it, which makes my life easier. Or rather, easier when she’s not flinging to the dogs or rubbing it through her hair. Good thing she LOVES bath time – an every night ritual given our messy eating habits. In more active news, my sister has taught avery to “stretch” – she will throw her arms way up in the air and make this really fantastic face. It’s SO funny to watch, and also amazing what things she chooses to pick up on. We happen to think she’s brilliant, clearly.

A part from a week of growing, eating, and cutting teeth, this week we are getting ready for father’s day. It was just another day last year, but something SO much more this year. We are excited to shower handy hubby and daddy with love this weekend, you know – AFTER he mows the lawn :)

We hope you are enjoying your summer as much as we are. Our weather has been truly amazing – walks, bike rides, and has even been Bessie running! (SHOCK!).

Lastly, it’s hard to believe we’re at 50 weeks. More on this later – but it’s amazing to think that in just a few short weeks our baby girl will be one. I don’t know where the time has gone – (well, i know I DEFINITELY was NOT sleeping through it – ha), but it’s been such a ride. We love you baby girl. Only a few more weeks….

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One thought on “A Good Week – and (shock) 50 Weeks

  1. Hey guys,
    I adore her “funny faces”. She definitely is coming into her own..personality. I can’t believe that in two weeks she will be one year old. I so love your updates and pics. Thanks sooo much.
    Aunt Michelle

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