Memorial Day Pool Party – and week 48

Oh boyyyyy am I behind. Sorry about that. It’s been a busy last few weeks, and well, I may try to be on top of it all, but i’m no mommy super hero. Ugh. Reality bites.

So Memorial Day week was wonderful! But then again, any ‘shortened’ work week is always a good thing. We dressed Avery up in her patriotic best and enjoyed the day together. We took her to the pool (WHOO HOO), had delicious hot dogs on the patio, and enjoyed the sun and (of course) a long weekend. And even better – we laughed. A LOT. Making these funny faces with are girl are probably THE most fun thing to do ever. Even more so now that she’s got more teeth. That’s right. Baby girl broke through another two teeth (they always come in twos!?!) She now has a tooth on either side of her top front teeth. Four on the top, and two on the bottom. WOWIE! And just look at these faces…(side note: poor mr. owl who gets tossed around quite a bit!)

Miss thang? LOVING every.single.second.of.the.pool. She’s a fish, I mean, she COULD be a fish. Memorial Day weekend marks the official opening of our community pool(s). The weather was fantastic and clearly everyone was excited to be out in the sunshine and IN the pool! Even more? We let Avery have her first strawberries – talk about a big day for our little girl!

And for your video enjoyment:

And after ALL that fun from such a great weekend, what do we do? Pass out in daddy’s arms, of course. This one melts me – for sure. 

New this week: 2 more teeth and still taking our hand at eating like a big girl. It’s not been easy (not even close), but we’re starting to get the hang of it. Strangely enough, one day Avery will (really) like yogurt, and the next day – NO.WAY.JOSE. I try not to let her be TOO picky, but at the end of the day – a girl’s gotta eat, so it’s a struggle. Undoubtedly THIS is where I will get all my gray hairs. Ha. Mommy followers – any ideas?

I’m in the full swing of birthday party planning. I’m having fun pulling the details together, but am admittedly in FULL denial about her turning one. Sheesh.

What I’m wearing? The uber cute flag dress was a gift from my mom – again courtesy of Tugboat in Orlando, Florida. Luckily she bought Avery quite a few things from there for the summer – so this won’t be the last time you hear about it. So great!

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